Welcome to our NEW website

Greetings from Wholesale Vinyl & Aluminum

Our team at Wholesale Vinyl has been working hard on gathering informative content and photos from all of our vendors over the past several months to put together our new website. We feel this will be an added value for not only homeowners who are looking for ideas for their projects, but also for our lumber yards, building supplies, and contractors. Hoping to answer any questions that you may have. As we have quickly learned, a website is never finished, so bare with us as we are constantly uploading new information and tweaking what we already have. We currently have 2,000 individual item numbers in inventory, consisting of 90,000 individual items housed in our warehouse, so you can imagine how it would take a rather large website to display all that we have in stock. As we are gathering our information and adding pages to our site, please feel free to submit any photos from past jobs where our products have been used, and also, feel free to leave a testimonial about your experience doing business with us at Wholesale Vinyl & Aluminum.

We couldn’t have done this without the help of our neighbor and friend, Mikki Barker from Meadowview, Va. The owner of Web Concepts. She is excellent at not only building website but teaching you how to build pages and maintain your site once it goes live. If you or your company is in the need for a website or need help with making your current website optimize its search engine optimization, contact Mikkito get started today.

Be sure to check back as we are planning on updating our blog bi-monthly with not only the latest and greatest products but also news from the building and remodel industry. Speaking of news from the building and remodel industry, like our Facebook page as well as we are constantly adding information there, too.

From all of us at Wholesale Vinyl & Aluminum, Welcome to our NEW website