Taking Donations At WV&A For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

It hasn’t been very long since our small community was hit by three tornados in one night. I’ll never forget that night as long as I live. It was one of the longest nights of my life. Watching the news, following the storm on Twitter and Facebook, hearing the howling noises outside my windows, praying God would keep the storm away from our home and protects our family and friends. Feeling completely helpless until the sun would come up to see what those three tornados had done to our town and county. If you remember, Alabama was hit harder than we were with those same line of storms and thousands of people fled there to help those in need, but people of this great country didn’t forget about us here in southwest Virginia. There were teams of workers from all over the country come to help those who lost everything they had. Donations poured in to the local college from not only local people but people from afar. It was heart warming knowing that people still care in this day and time.

That being said, a generous and heart felt customer of ours, Michael Hubble walked into our office earlier in the week and you could see the passion he had in his eyes. He wanted to do something to help those in NY and the surrounding states who were affected by the disastrous hurricane that swept the east coast the end of October. His words were, “I just can’t sit here and watch those people suffer with nothing and not do anything to help.” He asked us if we could help and we said, sure. We have been taking donations here at Wholesale Vinyl & Aluminum, Inc. all week. The items they are in need of are cleaning supplies, baby supplies, gloves, hats, batteries, flash lights, blankets, and water. Michael teamed up with another local business, Food City of Abingdon and they donated a full truck of water. He is hauling the truck full of water and a friend of his will be hauling all the donations in another box truck. Any donations that will not fit on these two trucks will be sent to another local business to be sent up later in the month. Feel free to drop off any donations here at the store till 11:00 am tomorrow, Saturday November 10, 2012.

This is what community is all about. We live in a day and time where we are too busy, too consumed in our own lives to even think about others, but when a tragedy or disaster occurs, we as a Nation Unite and we help. My hope for america is we will not only help when disasters happen to our neighbors but we will help on a daily basis within our walk of life. Help an elderly person cross the road, push their grocery cart to their car, go check on a neighbor who may need something from the store. Little acts of kindness can go a long way and I truly believe that those who receive the donations we are sending will be blessed for years to come. Thank you all for donating and thank you Michael Hubble. You and your family are kindhearted people and we are proud to not only call you all customers but more importantly, friends.

Donations are coming in for victims of Hurricane Sandy